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Michael Porke & Simon Jordan
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If you’d like to have the rare ability to consistently and predictably generate thousands of high qualified hot leads for FREE…

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But if you are like us, you want FAST and EFFICIENT results!

You can’t wait for a year to create a flow of warm leads out of a new blog.

And we all know that free Facebook lead generation is getting uglier and harder every single day… Especially for new marketers and businesses, who have little to no authority yet.

A steady flow of qualified leads is the lifeblood of ANY business. Yet so many people struggle to attain the leads they need.

In fact a big percentage doesn’t have enough leads to break-even without going in dept.

What you need is a proven, consistent and predicted way to generate qualified leads for your business...

... And save yourself from wasting months... maybe years... of unsuccessful lead-generation methods and strategies that just won’t work as well as you hoped.

A Proven, Consistent and Predicted Way Of Getting Thousands Of Leads.
First of all, this isn't like any fluffy, flakey aka BS way you might be used to (from different “gooros”) that will literally never work.

This is a PROVEN way that we’ve been testing and using for the last 6 months and therefore we can really guarantee results.

So this e-book is nothing like the 98% of the courses, ebooks, tutorials, video trainings etc. out there on Internet.


This Is About You!
See, what most people fail to understand is that each person is different.

Therefore you can’t expect all people to think like you.

And before we created this book, we took this VERY seriously.

This e-book was literally created for the average everyday person, no matter previous experiences, background, age or anything else.

We Simply Break Down Everything!
And when we say EVERYTHING we mean it!

It’s very easy to read as well.

At 28 pages you can read it within a few hours and consume every little detail.

Because remember?

We broke down every little thing for you and shrink everything into a short easy-to-read book.

In fact...

Here Is A Part What You Are Getting:
  • How To Create The Perfect Profile – We’ll show you exactly how your profile should be set up for your viral account. How to create your logo as well as your bio and a little known trick that hacks the Instagram algorithm to get more followers. Page 02

  • How And Why To Select Viral Content – We’ll show you exactly how to find and select the most viral content every time. You’ll never have to guess with our 100% method. Page 08

  • How To Turn Instagram Into Your Own Bank Machine – We’ll show  you exactly how to earn thousands from your new Instagram account with the EXACT SAME monetization way we’ve been using on our accounts. Page 19 

  • How To Use Hashtags Properly - We’ve cracked the hashtag code for Instagram. We’ll show you exactly how to find the perfect hashtags to use in your posts and the secret method behind using them to go viral. Page 13

  • How To Create The Perfect Posts - You’ll learn exactly how to create posts that go viral every time. What pictures to post and what to write in your captions. Page 09

  • And more...
According to Forbes magazine…
Instagram Is The Top Social Platform For Engagement!
With more than 500 million active users, it’s currently the second most popular social media network in the world, behind only Facebook (unless you count YouTube).

And now it is considered the best social media platform for customer engagement. 

And everyone knows that an engaging prospect is a profitable prospect.

Beating The Instagram Algorithm.
A huge percentage fails to use Instagram efficiently for lead generation and they end up wasting a lot of time.

This happens because they fail to understand Instagram algorithm.

Also if you try to cross over Instagram you have no chances of surviving.

Instagram is VERY strict regarding its policies and rules, therefor we must go along its guide lines.

And after a lot of time studying and trying to understand how Instagram algorithm works…
We Finally Cracked It!
And it’s really simple!

Once we beat Instagram algorithm, we’ve been able to grow profiles to over 20,000 followers in just under 5 weeks.

And by beat, we mean go totally along every guideline and rule, so Instagram is happy for us using its platform and creating a lot of engagement.

Once you learn these exact steps of creating your account and make it go viral you’ll be able to create a predicted and consistent lead generation stream.

But we won’t stop there!

We will also show you...

How To Monetize Your Instagram Profile And Make $$
Because growing your account it’s not about just getting followers and traffic.

At the end of the day we do all this to make money right?

And in order to do that successfully you need to learn how to monetize an Instagram account.

We’ve seen a lot of folks having trouble monetizing their account. (Imagine having thousands of followers but failing to make them take an action)

And the good news is we got you covered.

We will show you exactly how we are monetizing an account right here in LIFE CEOS so you can avoid the pain in the ass process of trying to figure out everything by yourself.

So you can really…

Take Advantage Of The Massive Instagram Traffic!
By the end of the book you will know “exactly” what, why and how you need to do in order to grow your Instagram account and make it go viral!

We will even go one step further and show you exactly how to...

Create An Automated Income Stream!
We will share with you the exact same way that we are currently using to run our own automated income streams out of Instagram.

So you can literally model our own strategies step by step and model our results.

Here’s What You Need To Do Next.
The “cost” for this e-book is just at $7.95 and you will get access immediately.

Literally as soon as you get your receipt after you complete your order, we will send you the link so you can download your book right away.

And we will include an online version as well so you can read it literally everywhere without downloading it!

But we are not done yet!

You Will Also Get An Advanced, Exclusive Webinar-Training!
Even though we are talking about the tiny amount of $7.95, we will definitely don’t stop here.

As soon as you get our book you will receive an invitation for an exclusive, advanced Instagram webinar training.

During this webinar we will walk you through exactly what’s working in Instagram right now and show you how we are making money out of it.

Free of charge…

You can have this as a thank you gift for getting our new book.

This webinar might be the most valuable webinar-training that you ever attended and you can get it for free if you get our book today.

Having said that you also need to keep in mind that:

This Is A Very Limited Offer.
And in case you are wondering why we give the book at such a low price…

...while people charge literally thousands of dollars for this kind of information...

Yes, there is a reason.

We believe that you will love all the amazing value that we will provide to you through our book that you will want to return in the future and do more business with us.

Simple as that. :)

But we won’t keep this offer up for a long time since our advertising costs for the book literally break-even with our sales.

Oh and if you are also wondering…

Yes! There Is Also A Money-Back Guarantee!
Even though we know that you will fall in love with what you are about to learn…

In the very rare situation that you feel like this is a “crap” we will return your $7.95 and let you keep the book as well.

All you need to do is just email or call us and we will send your money back immediately.

How about that for a guarantee?

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CASESTUDY: How We Grew An Instagram Account To 250,000 Followers...
It seems CRAZY!
What..? What is this?

Yes, these are REAL followers!

Just IMAGINE for a minute...

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More recognition? Better engagement? More sales?

All of the above...?
A Quarter Million Of Potential Clients!
If you are just starting out  with Instagram this might look impossible.

Well we really don't blame you.

250.000 followers doesn't seem like a realistically goal.

We believed that too!

In fact when we heard about growing an Instagram account that big within a relatively short amount of time we thought it was a joke.
Until we discovered the "Viral Method".
And that really blew us away!

The Viral method is really simple.

Your goal is to make your posts go viral.

And as difficult as it sounds we can assure you it's easier than posting anything else!

6 months later and we've managed to grow dozens of Instagram accounts using this exact Viral method.  

And this is not a game of chances...

If you follow the exact steps that you will discover inside our book, you will go viral no matter what.

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We break everything into simple steps and all you have to do is simply model everything.

We will also show you how to monetize it and take advantage of the massive Instagram traffic.

On top of that we will also give you an invitation to an exclusive webinar training that we will teach you EVERYTHING around Instagram growth and monetization.

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Life Ceos @ 2017 - How To Grow Your Instagram