Do You Want To Utilize One Of The Biggest Lead Generation Networks?

By Copying and Pasting...

The Desk Of Life Ceos Team
Michael Porke & Simon Jordan
“What’s the secret for Instagram success?”

That’s the most common question we’ve are getting asked on a daily basis. 

Instagram right now is the fastest growing social media network in the world and most entrepreneurs are trying to…. Grab a “piece of the pie”

But creating a successful lead generation stream out of it can really be a “pain the ass” process…

…Especially at the beginning!

In fact here is a check-list of the steps you need to go through:
         1. Choose your niche.

         2. Choose your name.

         3. Create and test Bio’s that will attract people to your link and profile.

         4. Create a high quality logo in related to your niche.

         5. Find viral content to post that is related to your niche.

         6. Find and test different CTA’s for your posts.

         7. Research, create, and test several hash-tag sets around your niche.

         8. Send messages to users so they can add you to related niche DM                           groups which will help your account go viral.

The list goes even more but this is just an overview of the steps you need to follow.

Sounds like TOO much?

Well we can’t cover this one...

It is a bit of a work.

But imagine this…

What If You Could Have Thousands Of Free Leads Coming Over To Your Business Every Single Month?
A steady flow of qualified leads is the lifeblood of ANY business.

You need a proven, consistent and predicted way to generate qualified leads for your business and save yourself from wasting months... maybe years... of unsuccessful lead-generation methods and strategies that just won’t work as well as you hoped. 


Instagram Is The Solution.
You probably know it already.

But if you are like us, you really need the fastest and easiest way to the success.

You can’t waste months and even years on trials and errors until you get a hint on how to figure this out.

And you certainly can’t waste thousands of dollars in graphic designers, logo designers, copywriters, Instagram “gooroos” and more.

What you need is…

A 100% Proven - All-In-One Solution!
Imagine this scenario. ..

What if you could create the perfect Instagram profile that will start generating thousands of leads for your business, TODAY?

What if you could have:

  •    The Perfect Professional Niche Logo For Your Profile?

  •    The Perfect Instagram Bio With The Perfect CTA That Will “Force”        People To Click And Enter Their Details? 

  •    Viral Content That Is Proven To Attract Thousands Of Likes And            Millions Of Views? 

  •    The Top Converting Hash-Tag Sets That Will Literally Make Your            Posts Appear In Front Of Millions Of People?

  •    The Perfect Message Scripts To Send So People Can Add You In
      DM Groups Without ANY Hesitation? 
What If You Could Create The Perfect Instagram Niche Account Without The “Pain In The Ass Process” Of Creating Everything?
YES, it’s totally doable.

You actually have 3 options.

Number 1 - Outsource everything:

This option might be a bit “heavy” on your pocket but you can pay different people to bring your profile together.

Logo designers, Copywriters, Instagram Marketers, and more.

They will create everything for you and you just have to put the puzzles together.

A good option… If you can afford anywhere from $1000 - $2000 to get your account ready.

Number 2 - Buy an account:

This is not your ideal option since many things can really happen between this process.

You might end up buying a dead account that can give you nothing since it will never go viral.

Or you could also end up paying and keep waiting for your account details to arrive literally forever.

There are countless situations where the buyer got scammed by the seller.

But in the rare situation you find a reliable seller with a good active account, you can pay anywhere from $1000-$1500 to buy it. (for a small - medium range account)

Now if you are like us, the above 2 options doesn’t sound too good right?

Paying Thousands Of Dollars Is NOT Ideal.
You really can’t pay anywhere from $1000 - $2000 just to get the perfect account going.

On top of that you have NO control over the creation of your account.

Sure a so called “expert” will create your account but you deserve the right to have a personal opinion over YOUR profile that you will intensively use for your business. 

You need to understand that thousands and in some cases millions of followers will like, comment and interact with your posts!

And that’s why we believe option number 3 will be the most suitable option for you and your business.

We would like to represent…

Instagram Viral Vault Pack!
Instagram Viral Vault Pack will give you EVERYTHING you need to start your account, grow it and get thousands of followers and leads without doing any of the hard work.

And when we say EVERYTHING we mean it!

You will literally get access to a pack FULL Of Done-For-You Unique Material that ALL you have to do is upload them to your Instagram!

You have to worry about NOTHING.

You have to test NOTHING.

Everything has already been tested many many times personally by our team!

So instead of wasting months of trial and error and thousands of dollars to create your account all you need to do is upload our own unique proven material! 

Here Is Exactly What You Are Getting:
  • Done-For-You Professional Unique Niche Logos – Access to a pack full of high quality professional logos for EVERY viral niche out there. So literally all you need to do is just choose your unique logo 
  • Ready To Go Viral Niche Content– Tested, proven and updated niche content. So you’ll never have to guess again which photos will go viral and work for you! 

  • Done-For-You  Hashtag Sets For Each Niche - Our top hash-tag sets for EVERY niche out there so once again all you have to do is just copy-past our proven hash-tags. :)

  • Done-For-You CTA’s For Your Posts - When creating post it’s not just about the photo/video you will upload. An important step is also the CTA (Call-To-Action) that you will include in your post. Well you don’t have to worry anymore because will just copy our proven CTA’s.

  • Ready To Choose Instagram BIO’s – We’ll simply give you ready Instagram Bio’s that we’ve tested over and over again so you can literally attract the right people to your profile and make them take an action (such as clicking to your link).

  • Done-For-You Proven Messages Scripts - We will give you tested and proven ready Messages Scripts to get into DM groups, sell or buy shout-outs, sell / buy accounts and more so all you have to do is copy and send them.

  • More Constant Updated Contect!
On top of that...
You Will Also Get Our Ebook: "How To Grow Your Instagram To 10,000 Followers In 5 Weeks Or Less "
If by any chance you still haven't get in already, we will just throw this inside the pack as well.  :)

At 28 pages you can read it within a few hours and consume every little detail.

We broke down every little thing for you and shrink everything into a short easy-to-read book so you can learn EXACTLY how to grow your profile the RIGHT way.

According to Forbes magazine…

Instagram Is The Top Social Platform For Engagement!
With more than 500 million active users, it’s currently the second most popular social media network in the world, behind only Facebook (unless you count YouTube).

And now it is considered the best social media platform for customer engagement.

And everyone knows that an engaging prospect is a profitable prospect.
And right now,

You Have EVERYTHING You Need To Create A Consistent And Predicted Flow Of Leads Out Of Instagram.
You will get access to our PROVEN material that we are using for our accounts and for our clients with a whopping 100% success rate. 

Everything has been created after thousands of hours of testing and optimizing therefore YES! WE KNOW that everything will work for you. 

Unlike most of the products, we can really guarantee your success here.

No hype no BS!

In fact,

Here Are The Simple Steps You Need To Follow To Assure Your Instagram Success. 

  •  Choose your account niche out of our list.
  •  Choose your profile name. (easy peasy) 
  •  Choose your logo out of your Logo pack and upload it. 
  •  Choose your Instagram Bio from your Bio’s pack and upload it. 

Congratulations, you have now created your perfect Instagram profile. :)

You are only 3 steps from having your first viral content post up and running.

Here is what happens next:

  •  Choose your account niche out of our list.
  •  Choose your profile name. (easy peasy) 
  •  Choose your logo out of your Logo pack and upload it. 
  •  Choose your Instagram Bio from your Bio’s pack and upload it. 
That's it.

It really is as simple as it sounds.

EVERYTHING is really Done For YOU.

All you need to do is choose and upload :)

But of course we will NOT stop here.

We Will Keep Updating The Packs With Proven And Tested Material So You Will Never Run Out Of Content!
Yes, we will keep updating the pack with our tested, proven content so you will never have to guess what might work or not.

All you have to do is open the Google-Drive folder that YOU will ONLY have access to and choose out of the hundreds of materials…

So once again literally all you have to do is copy and paste our proven material.  :)

You can continue joining webinars after webinars, and downloading useless guides, PDF's and trainings…

…or you can guarantee your success simply by copying and pasting our proven content.

Take Advantage Of The Massive Instagram Traffic NOW!
It really is a source of millions of leads that you can predictably and at the same time  consistently “hook” into your business.

All you need to do is really get started!
Here’s What You Need To Do Next.
The “cost” for the Instagram Viral Vault Pack (unlike everything related to this out there) is only at $297.00!

And as soon as you receive your receipt you will get access to the pack immediately.

We will send you the link so you can get online access to everything and download the material you need.

But we are not done yet!

You Will Also Get A 24-Hours Support For ANY Help You Might Need!
We will definitely not give you the product and leave you by your own. 

You will have a full support for ANY help you might need.

We are here to help you achieve your goal…

…which is to create a lead generation stream out of Instagram.

And that’s exactly what we are going to do.

Keep helping you until you make it.

Free of charge…

You can have this premium feature as an extra bonus for getting the Instagram Viral Vault Pack.  :)

This extra help might be the missing puzzle when it comes to your Instagram success.

Having said that you also need to keep in mind that:

This Is A VERY Limited Offer.
As you can understand there is a specific number of people who can actually use this product…

...We can’t actually allow thousands of people to use the same exact content material...

Therefore the only way to control this is by limiting the amount of people who can get this.

And as soon as the number is full we will put this on hold until more tested material can be added.

Of course re-launching this can take anywhere from 1 - 4 months. (Depending on the material)

And if all of the above still doesn’t sound awesome yet, here is what will help you make your mind.
If For Any Reason You Feel That This Useless We Will Give Your Money Back!
Even though we know that you will fall in love with what you are about to get…

In the very rare situation that you feel like this is a “crap” we will return your money back immediately!

No questions asked!

All you need to do is just email or call us within the first 7 days and we will send your money back.

As explained above, our goal is NOT to trick you, but to help you succeed.

With that being said…

Claim Your Limited Offer While Is Still Active!
This is truly a real limited offer and soon as the number of people is completed we will take this down.

And unfortunately there will be NO exceptions. 

CASESTUDY: How We Grew An Instagram Account To 250,000 Followers...
It seems CRAZY!
What..? What is this?

Yes, these are REAL followers!

Just IMAGINE for a minute...

...what would 250,000 followers do for your business?
More recognition? Better engagement? More sales?

All of the above...?
A Quarter Million Of Potential Clients!
If you are just starting out  with Instagram this might look impossible.

Well we really don't blame you.

250.000 followers doesn't seem like a realistically goal.

We believed that too!

In fact when we heard about growing an Instagram account that big within a relatively short amount of time we thought it was a joke.
Until we discovered the "Viral Method".
And that really blew us away!

The Viral method is really simple.

Your goal is to make your posts go viral.

And as difficult as it sounds we can assure you it's easier than posting anything else!

6 months later and we've managed to grow dozens of Instagram accounts using this exact Viral method.  

And this is not a game of chances anymore...

If you follow the exact steps and upload our proven and tested matterial you will go viral no matter what.

Right now you've got a once in a lifetime shot....

You can get access to our Instagram Viral Vault Pack , grow your IG account(s) from scratch and turn thousands of followers into TRAFFIC... for just $297. 

Is it worth it?  

Well, considering the $1500 - $3000 that you need to pay the... other "gurus" JUST to learn about the method to go viral...

And considering that we literally  give you EVERYTHING without having to lift a finger...

I think that $297 is more than a steal. 

You get Instagram Viral Vault Pack, plus our new book (in case you still don't have it), plus constant 24/7 support.

On top of that we can offer you a quick refund if you think the pack sucked.

Which we are pretty much sure it will never happen... You will love what you are about to get in a few minutes.

But you've got to act now, because this very limited offer. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click the button below to get your EVERYTHING now.

Get Instagram Viral Vault Pack For $297.00 - LIMITED TIME!
7 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee!
Secure payments through paypal...
P.S: If you just skim to the end of the letter then here is the case:

We have a brand new Done-For-You product - "Instagram Viral Vault Pack" - that will give you exactly what you were missing to dominate Instagram and create multiple successful Lead Generation Streams out of it.

You don’t have to worry about creating the perfect logo, choose your content material, set your Instagram’s Bio and a more of “pain in the ass” processes.  :)

All you need is the Instagram Viral Vault Pack.

Here is what you will get:

• Done-For-You Professional Unique Niche Logos.

• Ready To Go Viral Niche Content.

• Done-For-You Hash-Tag Sets For Each Niche.

• Done-For-You CTA’s For Your Posts. 

• Ready To Choose Instagram BIO’s. 

• Done-For-You Proven Messages Scripts.

• More Constant Updated Content. 

You will literally get access to a 100% Done-For-You Pack so all you have to do is copy and paste our tested and proven material!

Just choose your niche and open our folders to find the best material for your account!

On top of that you will also get a 24-Hour Support for ANYTHING you might need help with.

We are here to help you dominate Instagram.

And using Instagram Viral Vault Pack we can really guarantee that.

This is a 100% tested and proven material that will grow your account predictably and consistently.

And it only costs $297.00.

Also if you are not 100% happy with your purchase, we will give your money back.

But you should know that this is a very limited offer.

This is not a fake scarcity and we will take this offer down!

Life Ceos @ 2017 - How To Grow Your Instagram